Website Analysis and Content Review

The goal of Sales Media Solutions is to help your organization create an optimized digital presence to your client. Your website is now the new, constant contact, for your organization.The message you present, in a professional manner, is essential to your success. It is the first contact for most new, potential clients.
If your initial message does not get the readers attention, they leave. The words you use, your content , is critical. We will review your current website, with a focus on how it is presenting your company. Using a set of key points, we will offer recommendations on what can give you a more compelling story. This is often your potential clients first experience. Make it a great one!
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Sales & Marketing Content Development

Business to business, B2B, is perfect for the digital market. Launching a new, or existing product or service? Tell the potential client what you and your product will do. Your benefit to them. No fluff, solid content, with words that can be understood. Too technical? We help you get it right so a non-tech person will understand your benefit, and what it will mean for their company. They need to understand what you do, your "why". Tell them why your product or service will make their business better. Make it clear that they really need you. We can help you create this message.
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Content Development for International & Export

It is indeed a global marketplace. It requires a new thought process.  We present the same principle as we have before. Make your message simple to understand, consistent with your company goals, and beneficial to everyone. If you are looking at the international marketplace, to export your product, we can help. Our international experience is at the 30+ year mark, with face to face, personal relationships as it's basis. The digital market approach is fast, efficient, and can be productive. It is a great way to get the contact started and build a relationship. Let's talk. We have been there, and know what to do.
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Since 1993


We focus on providing support to the International B2B marketplace with emphasis on the automotive industry, our specialty. The face to face contact with your sales representative and your potential client is necessary. The relationship building element is critical to a successful business. Trust is essential.

However, now there is greater need to provide a more compelling online story. The written content is, as always, critical. Now added to this are aspects such as sales videos, which can take on a greater role in educating your client. You may also include white papers, testimony from actual clients, e-mail marketing campaigns, as well as case studies.  Not only purchasing, but engineering, product development, program management, and manufacturing need to be involved. Your message should be told to as many individuals as possible, with content that can be easily understood. Give them a compelling and well thought out story. One that makes them aware of your capabilities, and your benefit to them. We will help you in creating this story. This is where we shine.