Our Approach to the Solution

We see the traditional methods that have been used in the B2B marketplace for sales generation being blended with other company resources. Marketing now has a more varied role, since there are increased ways to get your message to the potential client. Product development teams can be involved early in the marketing message, so more critical input can tell a more compelling story. The digital approach improves your ability to measure how your message is working, and then change keywords to improve  effectiveness. It is a more open endeavor.
Now bring this together with the first, potential client contact, your website. To use it properly, to the best advantage for your company, it is essential to share your best practices to a potential client. Tell how you have achieved the level of accomplishment you are at. Continual employee training could be demonstrated. Manufacturing best practices should be shown. Quality labs as state of the art. Are you making progress  in developing an Internet of Things. Show what you have done to remain growing in a competitive market.
You can illustrate it through case studies, product demonstration videos,white papers, current client interviews. E-Mail newsletters keep clients informed. E-Mail marketing and launch campaigns to build awareness.  The possibilities are growing constantly. We will help your organization sort through the viable media options so you can focus on a solid  message.


Our Approach

Our Story

We have been involved in the automotive industry, with a focus on the international marketplace, since the early 1980's. Rick Bierut, it's principal, has  been involved with sales, marketing, program management, and product development for key tier 1 suppliers to  GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler. He has also been a business partner in an automotive production components and tooling company in the plastics area.
We have been in the evolution of the industry since the 1980's, establishing NOK ,(Freudenberg Group), at General Motors as a full service powertrain supplier.
With several international supplier companies, we have seen the industry evolve from it's primary North America focus to one of global positioning and competition. The future now shows growth that takes the industry to amazing places. Autonomous vehicles, AI, 3D printing, and other aspects of technology promise to make this a very fast ride, with plenty of unexpected turns.
The global competition is increasingly coming on strong. This is why the story you tell has to be correct, concise,and compelling. We are here to help your organization get your facts and figures in place to show why you matter, and the benefits you provide. The great wave of change is now. Let us know how we can help.

Our Story